The Spot-On Brand name was bought in November 2015 into the Overland Liquor Zone Group

The intention with the Spot-On name was to have an entry level model to the smaller independent stores that are too small to become part of a franchise but need assistance from a buying group perspective in order to be able to compete with the upcoming chain stores to the likes of Tops, Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite, Game and Cambridge.

The Spot-On Group is not a franchise model but a buying group model

All signage allows the Group to upgrade signage when deemed necessary.

The Spot-On Group currently has 36 buying group members.

It is not in the interest of the group to have a Spot On store on every corner and each store operates within a certain radius from each other.

Spot-On group take on existing Liquor Stores that are willing to convert.

Spot-On Group also takes on new stores to form part of the Group.

It is essential for all Spot-On Stores to operate in a professional business practice in terms of the law of RSA, and not to deal in illegal stock and all other business malpractices.

Spot-On as an affiliation of the Overland Liquor Zone Group is part of FASA (Franchise Association of South Africa) which we subscribe to.

Overland Liquor Zone Group hosts an annual Conference where all members are invited to attend


Please take note that the Spot-On name is a registered trade mark and can only be used if the store is part of the Spot-On Group.



Spot-On members receive the cycle deals, EDLP (Everyday low price) deals as well as their monthly top - up deals from suppliers.
Spot-On members are listed with all suppliers and receive the necessary recognition from all suppliers in terms of pricing, merchandise and instore activities
The Spot-On members receive no monthly broadsheet advertising but form part of the Overland Liquor Zone National Promotional grid in terms of newspaper advertising and TV campaigns and theme promotions
The Spot-On members pay a monthly admin fee to be part of the Overland Liquor Zone Group and the following privileges are enjoyed:

  1. Part of a family
  2. Supplier instore participation 24/7
  3. Supplier deals ongoing
  4. Exceptionally good bank rates in terms of deposit fees and merchant services
  5. Discounted rates on CIT (Cash in Transit)
  6. Assistance with finance from financial institutions
  7. Signage at subsidised pricing
  8. Spot On spirit house brand portfolio
  9. Monthly and quarterly rebates from certain suppliers
  10. Each Spot-On store handles their account with suppliers
  11. Support from our in-house category management team as to range, shelve layouts, pricing and data sharing
  12. IT Computer POS (Point of Sale) assistance through Odyssey
  13. Assistance through in-house field operators
  14. Assistance and support through head office 24/7
  15. Group identity and adds value to the store evaluation



For further enquiries, please feel free to contact us:


CEO Jose de Achainha 083 305 8254 jose@overland.za.com
MD Ciry Chadinha 083 273 8775 ciry@overland.za.com
GROUP BUYER Siegfried Kusel 082 497 5222 siegfried@overland.za.com
CATEGORY MANAGER Victor Dos Santos 082 924 3521 victor@overland.za.com
COSTAL Freddie van Vuuren 082 941 2944 freddie@overland.za.com
PRETORIA, LIMPOPO & NORTH WEST Jack Conradie 082 493 5462 jack@overland.za.com
GAUTENG, MPUMALANGA & VAAL Philip Beyleveldt 082 828 0368 philip@overland.za.com
FREE STATE & NORTHERN CAPE David-Lee Ducie 079 632 7250 david@overland.za.com


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